A Look at the Cat Genie Self-Washing, Self-Flushing Cat Box

A litter box that cleans itself resembles a fantasy work out as expected. Wouldn’t you concur? Who truly appreciates doing the essential yet grimy assignment? This is actually why the Cat Genie self-washing and self-flushing feline litter box was developed. automatic cat box


Not at all like other self-cleaning models that just require power, the Cat Genie connects to your home’s pipes. It accompanies all the essential equipment to do this. You should give the devices. Since it utilizes water to wash and perfect and flush you will never need to stress over washing the crate.

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Settings can be changed to accommodate your way of life. You can set it to clean once per day, two times every day, or consequently after a feline has utilized it. It likewise has a manual flush catch for times when you need to give it an additional cycle. This is helpful for those occasions when you have visitors coming over and the crate is as yet grimy.


The cleaning cycle takes a touch of time, around 30 minutes worth. In the event that you have numerous felines you must be cautious about this. On the off chance that it is cleaning and another feline needs to utilize it, he should hold it. For certain felines, they wouldn’t fret pausing, however others can’t hold it by any means. You can either have a couple Cat Genie’s near or give normal boxes as reinforcement, in the event of some unforeseen issue.

The smell might be terrible during cleaning since it needs to cleave separated the strong squanders so it tends to be flushed down your channel. A few people have added plumbing to their carport along these lines.

Do Cats Like It?

Some do, and some don’t. The surface of the unique granules can be frightening for certain cats.

Most felines take to the Cat Genie without any issues. Everyone is more joyful for it. The felines love it since it is cleaner and their people are more joyful on the grounds that they no longer need to scoop!

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